What is Cryotherapy?

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Brisbane Cryotherapy exposes the body to cold temperatures for several minutes. This can be done to one area of the body or the entire body. This therapy can be used to remove harmful cells or even cancerous cells or warts. They will freeze off and are said to be a safe alternative to other forms of treatment. Brisbane Cryotherapy can be unpleasant for people that do not like the cold. When a person is having this treatment that will be exposed to temperatures that are freezing.

 Treatment Basics

A person will need to sit in a special booth for three to five minutes if they are getting their entire body treated. If they are having a facial the cold areas will be applied to space. This Brisbane  Cryotherapy treatment can be done in specific areas of the body. While a person may not enjoy this treatment at first things will get better with each treatment. If a person stays in the booth for more than the recommended amount of time it can be fatal.  

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Even with the extreme colds, many people are still opting to get this treatment.

Pain Relief

People with muscle and joint disorders such as arthritis can heal faster with this treatment. This cold heat may increase blood circulation to certain areas promoting relief. People have been using ice packs to help treat sore areas so this concept is not too far from what people have been doing.

 Weight Loss

While the Brisbane Cryotherapy treatment alone will not cause a person to lose weight it can support a weight loss plan. The body needs to work harder to stay warm and this will burn off additional calories. This coldness will increase metabolism which will help the body burn more calories.

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Reduce Inflammation

This is one of the ways that the immune system can fight off an infection. It the immune system becomes overly reactive it can lead to inflammation which can cause other health problems. Like with pain the cold temperatures can reduce inflammation and the risk for other health conditions.

Prevent Dementia

Some studies have shown that Cryotherapy can help reduce the chance of developing dementia. The oxidative stress from dementia can be reduced due to this treatment. Localised Cryo

Assist with Cancer Treatment

Medical Cryotherapy is sometimes used to freeze off cancer cells in certain parts of the body. This will make the removal of specific cancer easier than other treatment methods.

 Reduce Depression

People with depression have noticed a fifty percent decrease in their symptoms when they began this treatment. They had a feeling of relief and were able to see a reduction in these symptoms.