BroadBand Light Therapy (BBL): The Advanced Version of IPL

broadband light therapy BBL
For many years, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) has been the must-try treatment for tackling pigmentation, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and removing unwanted hair. Nevertheless, the traditional IPL device has its drawbacks in terms of accuracy, efficacy and technology. Enter BroadBand Light Therapy (BBL), the latest and most advanced technology in light-based therapy that sets the standard for treating many skin conditions. We love this treatment at CBB because it delivers superior results safely and efficiently. But, what makes BBL the preferred treatment over IPL?  

Why is BroadBand Light Therapy So Effective?

This non-invasive method delivers waves of high-intensity light which is converted into heat as it reaches its target. The target could be the pigment in the hair, pigment in the skin, or even the bacteria causing acne. The heat absorbed in these targeted areas stimulate your skin cells to regenerate and causes your body’s natural healing process to begin. BBL is used to revitalise, repair and renew the surface of your skin to a higher standard than IPL is capable of. The photo thermal energy reduces redness, dark spots, texture and firms the skin with better consistency than IPL.

What Makes BroadBand Light Therapy More Advanced Than IPL?

The latest generation of BroadBand Light therapy can deliver the results you’re seeking faster than IPL due to its revolutionary power and built-in cooling features. BBL is also apt for treating larger sections of skin faster with more power and accuracy than IPL treatments, meaning results can last longer after fewer sessions. Unlike IPL, BBL has state-of-the-art cooling features built into the device, reducing the chance of discomfort and downtime. BBL is also the first light therapy treatment that can actively treat acne, whereas IPL can only be used to reduce the appearance of acne scarring. A recent study has found that BroadBand Light therapy is not cosmetically promoting the skin’s youthful appearance, but rather initiating cellular rejuvenation at a molecular level, altering the expression of your DNA to wind back the hands of time.  

What Does BBL Therapy Treat?

BroadBand Light therapy can be used anywhere on the body to eliminate a broad range of insecurities, remove hair or simply provide anti-aging and textural benefits. Vascular Veins and Broken Capillaries Despite being harmless, vascular veins and broken capillaries can have an unwelcome amount of visibility showing through the skin. With its non-invasive and safe technology, our BBL treatment reduces the appearance of these veins and surrounding redness, spots or pigmentation. Skin Tightening, Tone and Texture The rejuvenating power of light therapy works to treat uneven skin tone and texture, while also elevating the skin’s clarity and brightness. The heat from the BBL device causes the skin cells to contract and tighten. Acne, Redness and Rosacea BBL is a break-through therapy for treating acne while it’s present and flaring, with the added capacity of removing scarring, redness, rosacea and reduce its potential of returning. Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging BBL therapy is an incredibly effective treatment to alter the skin’s behaviour and presentation to be more refreshed and youthful. The device also provides a unique combination effect, combatting fine lines, wrinkles and dimpled skin. Hair Removal Our BBL device provides a safe, fast and effective hair removal treatment within a handful of sessions. The technology can target more hair follicles in a single treatment compared to IPL. Pigmentation Whether it is hyperpigmentation, age spots or freckles, pigmentation can be undesirable for those wanting an even, clear skin tone. Pigmentation is well within BBL’s capability to reduce and return skin to a younger, blemish and redness-free zone.

What is the BroadBand Light Therapy Process?

Every BBL treatment follows the same procedure and requires the same kind of preparation and aftercare. Preparation There is no specific preparation required to receive a BBL treatment, however we are unable to perform a treatment if your skin is sunburnt, or has open wounds or blisters. In relation to hair removal, you can choose to shave beforehand but we recommend not waxing or plucking the hair follicles out beforehand as this reduces the efficacy of the laser. Time The length of a treatment depends heavily upon the area/s that you’re wishing to treat, and can vary depending on what you hope to achieve and how well your skin responds to each treatment. Pain This device does not cause you pain, however, you may experience a small amount of discomfort, particularly sensitive areas like the upper lip can feel like the flicking of a rubber band. We offer topical anaesthetic creams for people that are particularly sensitive wanting more protection. Recovery Mild redness and peeling can be expected up to 4 days after receiving a BBL treatment, we recommend avoiding direct sunlight without SPF while your skin recovers for at least two weeks. Some people also experience skin sensitivity, bruising and minor swelling around the eyes up to two hours after a treatment. You can relieve discomfort with a cool compress and apply cosmetic products as usual after a few days. We recommend avoiding heavily fragranced products, harsh chemicals and ultra violet light to guarantee better results and faster recovery.

Who is Most Suitable for BroadBand Light Therapy?

This treatment is most suitable for those with fairer skin tones as there is potential for burning or scarring to occur with deeper skin tones. Here at CBB Blvd, our experienced technicians take the utmost care in providing you the best possible laser treatment for your needs and ensuring that you are comfortable, well-informed and equipped with the best aftercare advice to achieve optimal results. BBL has contraindications if you are epileptic, pregnant or breastfeeding, have keloid or hypertrophic scarring, porphyria, untreated herpes, open wounds, burns, blisters, skin cancers or skin infections.  

Are You Interested in Booking an Appointment for BroadBand Light Therapy?

If you’re ready to book an appointment today, feel free to get in touch with us and arrange a treatment plan. We will talk you through the treatment, any eligibility concerns and additional treatments that we offer. To find more information about our pricing for BroadBand Light therapy treatments, click here.