Cryotherapy for Arthritis: How Does it Work?

cryotherapy for arthritis
Did you know that one in seven Australians will experience discomfort from some form of arthritis in their lifetime? There are several types of arthritis that all cause pain, swelling, stiffness and reduced range of motion in the joints. When we feel those symptoms, we instinctively go to grab an ice pack because it manages pain and reduces swelling. Thanks to advancements in CRYO science, these same benefits can be delivered to the whole body in a sophisticated and controlled treatment called Cryotherapy. Keep reading to discover why cryotherapy for arthritis really works for managing the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.  

Cryotherapy for Pain Management

Studies have found that whole-body cryotherapy significantly reduces pain in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The improvement in quality of life that cryotherapy offers means that patients can delay the progression of their condition, reduce medicinal intake and improve joint function. As an evidence-based treatment for arthritis, whole-body cryotherapy acts as an analgesic for several hours, allowing for more intensive physiotherapy and effective rehabilitation. The cold temperatures that the body is exposed to during a session slows down nerve signal transmissions and releases a neurotransmitter that reduces pain sensitivity. Although standing in a chamber where temperatures drop to -140 degrees Celsius might seem unnerving, it’s a well-tolerated treatment for arthritis and receives high praise from both in-clinic customers and patients in studies all over the world.  

Cryotherapy for Inflammation

Cryotherapy is proven to slow the body’s inflammatory response by reducing the body’s release of inflammatory mediators. It also reduces histamine levels in the blood that make joints susceptible to inflammation, delaying the progression of chronic arthritis conditions. Nutrient-rich and highly oxygenated blood flow is boosted during the treatment, which aids the body’s natural recovery process. While all this is happening, the cold air simultaneously alleviates muscle spasms or cramps and releases hormones that lift your mood. Whole body cryotherapy is also known to improve your quality of sleep which in turn, promotes faster healing and recovery.  

How Long Do the Effects of Cryotherapy for Arthritis Last?

A significant reduction in pain and inflammation can be felt for at least 90 minutes after a session. However, incorporating regular cryotherapy treatments coupled with physiotherapy will delay the progression of arthritis, restore range of motion and quality of life. The suggested regimen for everyone will be different according to your needs, but we generally suggest 2-3 treatments per week to see optimal results. After consulting with our team of expert clinicians and your doctor or physiotherapist, we may recommend whole-body or localised cryotherapy for arthritis. Our localised cryotherapy treatment assists with pain, inflammation, muscular tension or damaged tissue in specific areas of the body. The treatment uses compressed cold air to boost circulation in the desired area and provide immediate relief and speed up injury recovery time.  

Other Benefits For Cryotherapy

Research to discover benefits that this cutting edge technology provides is always ongoing, but here are just a handful of the benefits that we know cryotherapy can help with today.
  • Reduction in histamine levels
  • Promoting youthful skin
  • Improving quality of sleep
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Managing migraines
  • Increase metabolism
  • Managing skin conditions
You can read our blog on the holistic benefits of whole-body cryotherapy, what cryotherapy is and more benefits here on our website.  

Try Out Cryotherapy for Arthritis Today

Our cryotherapy chamber sessions are $90 and will have you in and out within 15 minutes. There’s no downtime post-treatment, however, the only aftercare required is make sure you’re well hydrated. If you’re ready to start experiencing the benefits from our whole-body cryotherapy session you can call us or book a session online today.