Everything to Know About Our New Wonder® Muscle Toning Machine

Exercising is important for maintaining our health and our physique. However, there are numerous technologies out there to help us achieve the pinnacle of fitness in conjunction with a lifestyle of exercise, hydration, supplementation and eating right. In fact, did you know that it’s possible to tone, strengthen and burn fat all while sitting or laying down? You can fine tune your physique even further outside the gym with the help of our new muscle toning machine; Wonder®.  

What Is The Wonder® Muscle Toning Machine?

Developed in Spain, Wonder® is backed by leading professionals all over the world. This electromagnetic muscle toning machine uses small but high powered motors to deliver pulses of electrostimulating currents through layers of subcutaneous fat and muscle. This pulsing action stimulates neurons to fire and muscle fibres to contract at a rapid but comfortable pace. Depending on the area you want to target, you can be laying or sitting while the machine is strapped over your clothing. Wonder® can easily access four of the biggest skeletal muscles in the body for whole-body toning.  

What Does Electrostimulation Do For My Body?

This high powered electrostimulation goes to work on our body with immediate effects. Though electrostimulation machines are widely known as the for their ability to lift and tone the buttocks without physical exercise, this device offers several more benefits. The Wonder® is incredibly efficient at:
  • Burning stubborn fat
  • Toning, firming and tightening
  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Supporting muscular rehabilitation
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Muscular recovery
  • Strengthening
  • Lifting and contouring
Wonder® pairs electromagentic emission with high intensity electrostimulation in the form of electronic impulses that shock the muscle to ellicit contractions. The vibration of each impulse causes muscle tissue to separate and prepares them to be excited again. Your muscles reap the benefits of up to 36,000 contractions per session. This powerful frequency activates superaximal muscles that can’t be contracted by voluntary movement or excercise. Each treatment session is equivalent to several hours of physical training.  

Why Does Wonder® Stand Out as a Muscle Toning Machine?

Wonder® is the only machine of its kind that can contract large groups of muscles efficiently in such a short time span. The placement of the machine allows for highly beneficial workouts for your abdomen, glutes, quadriceps, obliques and femoral muscles. You can also use this muscle toning machine to target smaller areas such as the arms. Wonder® is the only toning device that will contract your muscles 36,000 within a single session at a record depth of 16cm with a frequency of 200Hz. This translates to quicker, more efficient sessions showing improved results. Each session only takes 25 minutes to feel the effects. For more information, view our treatment page.  

Keen to Try Wonder® at CBB BLVD?

Wonder®, one of the world’s most sought after technologies for strengthening, toning and firming, is now available at CBB Blvd. As Brisbane’s leading clinic for cutting edge devices and scientifically driven treatments that are proven to get you results, we are excited to offer both Wonder® treatments and be a distributor for this muscle toning machine. Get in touch with us to book an appointment or discuss pricing.