Everything You Need To Know About Our Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring Treatment

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Feeling better about your body has never been easier thanks to breakthroughs in aesthetic medicine allowing non-invasive, quick and painless procedures that produce amazing results in 10 sessions or less. Onda Coolwaves by Deka is an award-winning new body contouring device from Florence, Italy that uses microwave technology to burn fat, tone and considerably tighten the skin all at the same time.  

What is Onda Coolwaves

Onda Coolwaves harnesses the latest European body contouring technology. The multi-application, innovative treatment works by simultaneously targeting localised fat deposits and cellulite and promotes skin tightening for a 3-in-1 toning affect. Proven to be safe and effective, and with a treatment time of just 10 minutes with no noticeable discomfort, this cutting-edge service is ideal for those looking to achieve full-body toning or tightening specific areas.  

How Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring Technology Works

Onda Coolwaves produces electromagnetic waves at a frequency of 2.45GHz that bypass the dermal and epidermal layer to concentrate its energy on dissolving the fat cells beneath, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged with no visible redness left behind. This revolutionary device improves upon previous technology, providing almost three times the efficiency to selectively target subdermal fat; heating it up to 50 degrees celsius while preserving the temperature of the surface skin thanks to its internal cooling and reduced dispersal of energy.   onda body contouring The energy that’s emitted stimulates the body’s natural metabolism, causing fat cells to rapidly dissolve and be flushed out through the lymphatic system. Throughout this procedure, the device is able to simultaneously stimulate connective tissues to reduce the appearance of skin dimpling and causes a contraction of collagen fibres to initiate the process of toning and tightening.  

Benefits of Contouring With Onda Coolwaves

Onda Coolwaves is one of the many first-class, innovative treatments that we provide here at CBB Blvd due to its desirable benefits. The device is able to selectively target and destroy fat cells anywhere on the body including the neck and jawline to reduce the appearance of a ‘double chin’. It’s most effective on the hips, thighs and abdomen where cellulite most often appears, creating noticeable results in just 4 sessions. The procedure is safe, comfortable and requires no downtime or aftercare, and it can be safely used in tandem with many of our other available treatments.
  • Targets fat
  • Can be used anywhere on the body
  • Safe, comfortable and no downtime
  • Can be used in addition to other fat-freezing treatments
  Check out these amazing results: [caption id="attachment_3057" align="alignnone" width="840"]Onda-Body-Contouring-Results Client result after four sessions of Onda Coolwaves.[/caption]    

Why We Recommend Onda Coolwaves to Complement Other Treatments

One of the many benefits of Onda Coolwaves is its compatibility with complementary treatments such as Cryolipolysis or Slimyonik Airstyler. Combining treatments such as these will enable you to gain optimal results in a shorter timeframe. Cryolipolysis works by freezing away fat cells underneath the dermal layer in a non-invasive technique similar to Coolwaves. The Slimyonik Airstyler treatment boosts your metabolism and assists in the drainage of your lymphatic system, streamlining the process that Coolwaves initiates with the breakdown of fat cells.  

Results You Can Expect to See

Onda Coolwaves is one of few treatments that are able to dissolve areas of stubborn fat that linger even after considerable weight loss. The small deposits of fat that don’t dissipate are known as localised adiposity and unlike visceral fat, can persist despite eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Along with the visible reduction of fat in targeted areas, you’ll see results in the firmness of the skin as it reduces skin laxity, cellulite, sagging and dimpling. The culmination of these effects result in a flattering body contour.
  • Reduced fat from stubborn areas
  • Promotes skin elasticity
  • Visible reduction of skin laxity

Who we recommend Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring For

We primarily recommend this treatment for anyone struggling with stubborn areas of remaining fat or loose skin from prior weight loss. Paired with a healthy lifestyle, this treatment can support those looking to further define their figure. The treatment is effective for all skin types and we recommend at least 4 sessions per area to see the most improvement.  

Ready to Make an Appointment?

Here at CBB Blvd we highly recommend a consultation for Fat Analysis with Adicell to take out the guesswork and deliver the best quality treatment specific to your individual needs. You can contact us here to discover if Coolwaves is the best body contouring option for you.