Here’s Why You Should Be Excited About NAD⁺ Infusions in Australia

IV therapy has slowly come to the attention of the mainstream, from athletes using it to ‘hack’ their performance, and celebrities curing jetlag. At CBB Blvd we’re excited about the holy grail anti-ageing and cellular regeneration solution, our NAD⁺ IV drip in Australia. IV is the most direct method to restore vitality with essential nutrients. In light of the recent pandemic, people are looking for ways to protect their health and promote a fast recovery from vaccine or booster side effects. Could NAD⁺ be the ideal treatment for those looking to rapidly fortify their immune system?

What Is NAD⁺?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD⁺) is a key metabolic coenzyme that the body utilises for energy production and DNA repair. This coenzyme or molecule is found in all living cells. It is instrumental in the functioning of mitochondria. Mitochondria processes food and oxygen to transform them into energy molecules called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Our cells cannot produce this energy molecule without sufficient levels of NAD⁺, and as we get older or become unwell, the production of NAD⁺ significantly declines.

What Does NAD⁺ Do?

NAD⁺ supports numerous functions within the body. It is responsible for maintaining our energy metabolism and protecting our DNA. More specifically, it is understood that NAD⁺ assists our body in the regulation of gene expression, circadian rhythms, calcium, glucose and energy. NAD⁺ infusions available at our medi-clinic in Australia replenish NAD⁺ levels in your body to help with:
  • restoring energy
  • reducing inflammation
  • improving mood
  • promoting mental clarity
  • boosting strength
  • increasing endurance
  • regulates sleep
  • rejuvenating skin
  • supporting the immune system
High dosages of NAD⁺ has been shown to reverse addictions and cravings for substances. NAD⁺ is also involved in the production of stem cells. Stem cells are extremely important and serve to repair our body. They are unspecialised cells that our body develops to replace cells in any part of the body; including brain cells, blood cells and muscle cells. This function is one of many anti-ageing benefits that NAD⁺ infusions provide. Research is continuing to discover all the indirect ways that NAD⁺ supports our health. More recently in the wake of the pandemic, studies are also being conducted into how COVID-19 affects these coenzymes and molecules in the deterioration of our health.

NAD⁺ and COVID-19

So, here’s what we know about COVID-19. Firstly, symptoms vary from person to person. Some people are asymptomatic carriers, meaning they don’t have any symptoms, whereas others experience acute respiratory distress syndrome and even long-term complications of the lungs, heart and brain function. Researchers are continuing to study the connection between COVID-19 and the effect it has on our production of NAD⁺. The inflammatory response to COVID-19 can drastically deplete our NAD⁺ levels and even inhibit the production of the coenzyme, which has been linked to immune dysfunction. Clinical trials are currently underway in the United States to test the potential for NAD⁺ therapy to decrease viral load and reduce the severity of SARS-CoV-2 in the body.

NAD⁺ Therapy Can Support Your Post-Vax Symptoms

While NAD⁺ isn't viewed as a cure, there is no harm in arranging IV therapy to support your body through the immunisation process. NAD⁺ is perfectly suitable for anyone to have prior or post-vaccination. If you’ve already had both courses of your vaccine, NAD⁺ therapy can help prepare your immune system for booster shots while still delivering its broad range of benefits! We do know that NAD⁺ infusions are proven to help with fatigue, muscle soreness and mental fog. These are all common side effects of the COVID-19 vaccinations available in Australia. They occur as a result of our immune system functioning properly to create antibodies that remove the threat of COVID-19. This small period of inflammation can take a toll on our bodies and natural levels of NAD⁺. Our NAD⁺ treatment will help protect your DNA, rejuvenate your system and reinstate wellbeing after receiving a vaccination or experiencing illness.

Try NAD⁺ Therapy at Our Brisbane Clinic in Australia

If you’ve been looking for somewhere to try NAD⁺ Therapy in Australia, look no further than CBB Blvd. Our clinic offers many of the latest cutting edge devices and treatments to have you looking and feeling your best. Book an appointment or get in touch with us to discuss our range of IV treatments for wellness, anti-ageing benefits and immunity.