From winter getaways to traveling for work, often traveling by plane is required. Flying is one of the fastest ways to travel and is also one of the quickest ways to cause imbalance in your skin.

The stressful environment of air travel

When travelling, the altitude decreases circulation causing your skin to look dull. There is also a lack of humidity in most cabins, which can dehydrate your skin. The low humidity in the air rapidly draws moisture from your skin. As the moisture evaporates, the more prone you are to dullness and dehydration. In addition to parched skin, the low humidity levels in airplane cabins can also cause dry, chapped lips. 

The reality is that no matter what, your skin is going to get dehydrated in some way. The best way to prevent dehydration is to hydrate skin effectively. Ditch the dryness and opt for spritzing your skin with a moisturizing mist, by spraying a hydrating facial mist onto your skin each hour, you’ll not only give your skin that big sip of H2O that its craving, you’ll help soothe any redness or irritations, too.  

We recommend Guinot’s Hydra Beaute Mist (50ml), with Hyaluronic Acid which helps prevent water from evaporating and trace elements of Copper, Magnesium, Zinc and Green Tea to aid in revitalising the skin.

woman spraying face

Thanks to water retention, caused by the above, airplane travel can cause the skin to puff up, which in turn can make you look ultra-tired around the eye contour. To avoid the extra under-eye baggage, ensure that you stay hydrated throughout your flight and stay away from the salty plane food.

Also, in flight you are also closer to the sun which increases your risk of UV damage. Airplane windows don’t filter out UVA rays which are the most damaging ones. They can penetrate the deepest layers of the dermis and these rays increase photo-aging and the potential to develop skin cancers. It’s always important to apply your SPF no matter where you are in the world.

Top favourite is Guinot’s UV 50 (30ml). Protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Plus, vitamin C brightens your skin whilst encapsulated pigments give you a smooth complexion which won’t even need to use make up. You can jump off your flight and straight into your day without a worry.

Traveling is stressful, and both your skin and your body go through a lot while traveling on long-haul flights. Remember to always hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and your skin will thank you.

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