The Acnelan Home Care Kit is ideal for acne-prone and seborrheic skin. It offers a cross-cutting approach to address the various factors that trigger the disease, combining an intensive clinical treatment for professional use with a home maintenance treatment and offering a complete line of products. The line of home care products has been specifically designed as a convenient and effective way of maintaining the effects of the intensive clinical treatment.

Kit Contains Six Products:

  • Mineral Matt Antiaging Fluid (sun protection for sensitive, combination and oily skins)
  • Purifying Mousse (balancing, anti-pollution cleansing facial foam)
  • Post-Procedure Fast Skin Repair (revitalising and repairing cream)
  • Acne One (daily cream for acne-prone and seborrhea skin)
  • Imperfection Control (cream for local use)
  • Pure Renewing Mask (intense purifying mask)