Intensive care applied as a mask or at night.

BYONIK® MASK & NIGHT CARE is a rich cream that imparts a pleasant feeling of well- being and freshness. It provides your skin with valuable substances, allowing it to replenish its reserves of energy. The result is skin which looks and feels cared-for, with a firmer, finer and more toned complexion.

Use BYONIK® MASK & NIGHT CARE as a mask or for night care. This rich cream with its delicate texture regenerates the skin‘s natural barrier function, improves its moisture balance and reduces wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling silky and looking radiant. You will also notice an increase in vitality and harmony.

  • Ceramides: provide long-lasting replenishment of the skin’s moisture reserves and strengthen its natural defences against damaging environmental influences
  • Aloe vera: hydrates, soothes, nourishes and protects irritated skin
  • Jojoba oil: makes the skin soft and silky and leaves it looking refreshedShea butter: leaves the skin feeling soft
  • Panthenol: soothes stressed skin and can minimise redness.