Zerobody is a unique and innovative system that suspends you above 400 litres of warm water by means of a soft patented membrane. With a self-service touchpad, you can adjust the temperature, session time and modify the effects. Zerobody is supplied with a patented membrane, six audio guides, six music tracks, earband headphones, touch screen pad, accessories kit (disposal sheets, anti-algae solution and backup membrane) and 1 year warranty for public use.

  • Size: 232 L x 112 P x 74 H cm (+25 L cm for XL version)
  • Voltage: 230 V ac
  • Operating Weight: 600 Kg (+90 Kg for XL version)
  • Water Capacity: 400 Litres (+60 Litres for XL version)

To find out more information or to purchase, please contact Griff from CBB BLVD on 0419532220

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