Ageing is a natural factor of our lives. However, many are unaware that the effects of stress and their environment is causing them to prematurely age and creating an impaired barrier which can cause Acne, Dehydration along with a flare up in Dermatitis and Rosacea!

How is this happening? Free radicals.

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are a substance found in our environment that may cause damage to our cells, proteins and our skin.
E.g. Pollution, UVA/B Rays, Cigarette smoke, Vehicle Fumes.

These free radicals damage our skin by breaking down our connective fibre tissues that assist in building collagen and elastin, which forms the structure of your skin. Stress levels play a massive part on our skin’s health. Our skin is directly affected by our body creating a hormone called Cortisol that tells the glands to make excess oils within the pores. This excess oil causes a blockage that makes our skin sensitive and reactive, making it harder for your body to naturally heal itself.

How can we help you maintain a healthier and more youthful skin?

Skin Treatment plan:

  • Guinot Hydradermine Youth once a month
  • LED every fortnight
  • Collagen boost and Elastin production
  • Hydration and SPF Protection


  • Guinot Newhite SPF 50
  • Guinot Time Logic age serum
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