The New Wellness Trends Worth Monitoring

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  Wellness – an individual’s psycho-physical balance – is taking up an increasingly important role in the assessment of our quality of life. This trend is confirmed by the goals of the World Health Organization that is focused on helping “all populations achieve the highest possible level of health”, defined as “a state of total physical, mental and social well-being” and not merely “the absence of diseases or illnesses”. As Katherine Johnston, senior research fellow at the Global Wellness Institute, explains: “Our relationship with wellness used to be occasional in the past, but this approach is now changing and it is quickly giving way to a wellness-oriented mental state which encompasses many aspects of our daily life, ranging from diet to more attention to the well-being of both body and mind to reduce stress”. Wellness intended as “living well” actually urges us on a daily basis to seek efficient solutions for the body and the mind, which are no longer perceived as luxury, but something necessary to live a healthy and satisfactory life. What are the wellness trends for the near future?  

“Experiential” Wellness

The market is experiencing a shift towards “wellness experiences” to be lived intimately on one’s own or with a few dear ones, taking into account key aspects such as hygiene and safety, in which traditional treatments give way to authentic personal experiences intended for all-round wellness. Recent analyses show that approx. 55% of people will spend time and money for a short stay in a spa and for events focusing on nutrition, as well as physical and mental well-being. Dry Float Spa by Zerobody has been specifically conceived for users to spend quality time for their psycho-physical wellness with the help of an innovative, user-friendly and efficient tool, even at times when access is restricted to traditional spa paths. The audio-guide contents, which have been developed on a neuroscience base, in combination with the floating session contribute to converting wellness into an experience of true regeneration for both body and mind. Scientifically tested benefits, easy to sanitise materials and the possibility for the user to personally operate Zerobody make this solution the ideal option for all hotel types.

“Emotional” Wellness

In a perfect world, we would take care of our wellness under all aspects, but in reality we have to prioritise our choices. What will be the most wanted dimension of wellness? The most likely answer is the emotional dimension, meaning the ability to recognise, accept and express one’s own feelings. This is the reason why sports companies and centres are opting for services designed to train awareness and emotional cure, such as Mindfulness and breathing techniques. Zerobody represents a solution for this need. It offers the numerous physical benefits of floatation in a “dry” and versatile solution for each and everybody and, at the same time, it helps the mind achieve a condition of optimised concentration. No coincidence it features 6 audio-guided mindfulness paths which have been developed on a neurological science base.  

“Power Nap”

How often do you happen to take a few minute nap and wake up feeling literally regenerated? 38% of the world population declare being often worn out at work. According to a recent research study, 71% of Americans would like to have the opportunity to take a nap in the office, but only 16% of workers state they work in companies where this is allowed. The request for “invigorating naps” is on the rise and companies will sooner than later have to come up with a solution. Sleep has positive effects on the three dimensions of wellness at work – the physical, the emotional, and the social dimension – and on the company productivity. Renowned companies such as Nestle and Steelcase have already adopted Zerobody for the power nap of their employees. The benefits of floatation on the quality of sleep, cognitive enhancement and the reduction of stress make Zerobody an ideal and 100% hygienic solution that is good for the entire company.  

Integrative Health and Recovery

Frantic pace is not common to our daily routine only, but also to today’s sports people. Under the more frequent pressure exerted by intense training sessions and increasingly higher expectations, professional and competitive athletes are in strong need for effective recovery solutions. Michael Phelps has opted for cupping, an ancient Chinese technique for the treatment of pain which has not been confirmed by scientific evidence yet. Cristiano Ronaldo has selected cold therapy. What are the next trends of supplementary training? An American survey has shown that almost all people interviewed look for solutions that are based on meditation, breathing and visualization. Personal trainers and the medical staff of teams and clubs are following suit in order to support the athletes with customised ideomotor training. Meanwhile, the world of sports is constantly looking for effective and easy solutions for muscular recovery, which may be implemented within more and more intense training programmes. Our reply to this need is dry floatation therapy: tested benefits on muscular recovery, energy saving and enhanced physiological stress parameters. In addition to the above, Zerobody prepares the athlete’s mind to ideomotor training and the visualization of game plans, including with virtual or augmented reality tools. An increasing number of professional athletes and centres for physical recovery have selected it: read more about their experiences!  

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