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Enzymes Peels

Enzyme peels can diminish scarring and age spots, as well as cleanses pores and improves skin texture

  • Gentle Nature
  • Speeds Up Exfoliation
  • Diminishes Scarring and Age Spots
  • Cleanses Pores
  • Improves Skin Teture

Enzymes Peels


An enzyme peel, compared to a chemical peel, is much more gentle and speeds up skin exfoliation. Enzyme peels can diminish scarring and age spots, as well as cleanses pores and improves skin texture. The gentle nature of enzyme peels makes them ideal for a variety of skin types and suitable for regular use. Enzyme peels can accomplish exfoliation much faster than regular exfoliation. Peels can loosen and remove dead skin cells, promote younger cells, diminish scars, stretch marks, age spots, fine lines and discolouration. Enzymes can also penetrate the skin to help cleanse pores and improve skin tone and texture.

Time required: 45 minutes

Pain level: None

Downtime: No Downtime

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About the treatment

Enzyme peels can diminish scarring and age spots, as well as cleanses pores and improves skin texture

How does it work?
Enzyme peels work by hydrolysing or breaking up this protein, removing dull, dry, damaged surface cells and impurities leaving you with softer, smoother skin.
How long will the results last for?
Peeling lasts for 3 or more days, and your skin should be completely healed within 10 – 14 days.
Treatment preparation
One day prior to the Enzyme Peel Treatment you should not use products containing acids and retinol. Hair removal is prohibited. An enzyme peel should not be performed after dermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing until the recovery period is over.
Who can have this treatment?
An Enzyme peel is safe for everyone to enjoy!
Post-treatment care
After an Enzyme Peel Treatment, be sure to moisturise and apply sunscreen with SPF30 or more when going outside. Avoid strenuous workouts, dry saunas or steam rooms and don't over-exfoliate within 3-4 days of your peel.
How many treatments will I need?
We recommend no more than one Enzyme Peel Treatment every 7-10 days.

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