Hartmann's Solution IV


Time: Enquire Pain level: None Downtime: No downtime

Our Hartmann’s Solution IV drip is an infusion that contains small dissolved molecules that pass easily from the bloodstream into tissues and cells. Containing key electrolytes such as sodium chloride, sodium lactate, potassium chloride and calcium chloride, Hartmann’s Solution works to restore fluid levels as well as mineral salts that may be lost.

While the Hartmann’s drip is similar to a regular saline solution, the key difference is the additional mixture of the sodium, potassium and calcium. Overall, the key benefits of this drip include:

  • Hydration of the body
  • Replace mineral salts lost in the body
  • Maintains acid base balance
  • Activates nerve and muscle cells

Price: 500ml for $100 

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About the treatment


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How long will the results last for?

You will feel the revitalisation quickly after treatment. Results will vary from person to person - you can find out more by contacting a friendly member of our team.

Do I require a blood test before my treatment?

Yes - blood tests are required for all new IV patients.

Post-treatment care

There is no downtime after the treatment - just enjoy the positive results!

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