>>Onda Coolwaves

Onda Coolwaves

First device of its kind that uses Coolwaves (high-frequency electromagnetic currents) to deeply target fat cells while stimulating the production of new collagen

  • Non-invasive with no downtime
  • Built-in cooling system for patient comfort
  • Offers effective results
  • Patented Technology

Onda Coolwaves

From $375

Onda Coolwaves® uses patented microwaves technology (2.45GHz frequency) to offer a 3 in 1 effect of localised fat reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening and toning. It is the latest innovation from Europe’s number 1 laser and aesthetic device that deeply targets the fat without damaging nearby skin. Unlike Radiofrequency devices, Onda is able to deliver around 80% of the Coolwaves directly through the skin into the layer where the fat cells are located.

This device comes with two Smart Handpieces. The ‘Deep’ handpiece is designed to target fat and deep cellulite, whereas the ‘Shallow’ handpiece is designed for skin tightening and superficial cellulite.

Prices start at $375 for one area or $1300 for 4 session per area (we do recommend 4 sessions an area).

Time required: 10 minutes

Pain level: None

Downtime: No Downtime

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