Scalp Micropigmentation

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Time: 30 Mins Pain level: None if numbed Downtime: No downtime

Scalp micropigmentation, also known as a hair tattoo, is an effective hair loss treatment that uses micro-needles to inject specialised pigment onto the scalp to replicate the look of tiny hairs. The ultimate solution for this treatment is to restore receding hairlines, add density to thinned out hairlines, camouflage scars from hair transplants and cover bald patches. It caters to both men and women suffering from any hair loss, including alopecia and pattern hair loss. This treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive and offers immediate results that last for 2 to 5 years. Depending on your unique situation, you may require up to 4 sessions to achieve your final result.

Prices confirmed after consultation.

All scalp treatments require a deposit. This deposit fee will be deducted from your treatment price should you proceed.

*It is important to note that all treatments will react differently to every single person, including the different sides of their bodies. Our treatments are a process, and because we are working with delicate and even previously damaged areas of the skin, the areas can be highly sensitive. That’s why we highly recommend booking a consultation appointment to discuss the process with our cosmetic tattooist and understand the treatment a bit more.

At the time of your consultation, we will discuss whether or not you require numbing cream for your treatment as well as the numbing cream cost. The cost will depend on the area being treated as well as the size of the area. 

Do you have a fear of needles (trypanophobia), or are you worried about the pain? Rest assured, we want to make this experience as comfortable as possible for you! Our cosmetic tattooing treatments are relatively painless • it ultimately depends on your tolerance to discomfort. While our cosmetic tattooing treatment uses a fine needle to distribute pigment onto the desired area, the needle is super fine, sterile and almost looks like a pen. During your consultation, please let our cosmetic tattooist know of your concerns, and she can recommend a topical anaesthetic to apply prior to your treatment. She can also run through the treatment process in detail to put your mind at ease.

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Hair Loss

Restore receding hairlines, add density to thinned out hairlines, camouflage scars from hair transplants and cover bald patches. Book now
Treatment Cost per treatment
Consultation (deductible) $150
SMP Initial Cost Price after consultation
4-6 Week Top Up Price depending on the area

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