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XBody EMS Training Machine

Sculpt the body and strengthen the muscles with our XBody EMS Training Machine in just two 20-minute sessions a week.

  • Build and tone muscle
  • Burn calories
  • Fit a 90 minute workout in 20 minutes
  • Improve posture
  • Boosts metabolism

XBody EMS Training Machine

From $70

Our Xbody EMS training machine simulates a full-body workout to build muscle mass and burn fat. It also works to boost your metabolism, correct posture, tone your body and increase your calorie burning capacity.

The Xbody EMS training machine is a full-body training suit that sends electrical impulses through the skin to all the major muscle groups. These impulses cause the muscles to contract similar to the body’s natural transductions during a workout. The intensity of electric pulses can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences. During an EMS training session, signals are sent to activate and strengthen weaker muscles that might not be as engaged with a traditional workout due to an underdeveloped connection with the brain. 

You can gain the benefits of a 90 minute workout in just 20 minutes with a mix of cardio and strength exercises. This state-of-the-art technology is proven to be time-saving, effective, and is safe to use after joint injuries.

To achieve the desired results, we recommend completing two sessions per week. Our sessions run through our very own boutique training studio, CBB Fit, located right next door to our medi-clinic. Book either a one-on-one session with the XBody EMS training machine or bring friends for group sessions of up to four people.

Treatment Prices
– $70 for single session
– $110 for 2 sessions/wk
– $130 for 2 sessions/wk plus 2 sauna sessions
– $100/wk for 6-month membership (2 sessions/wk + 2 sauna sessions/wk) – direct debit and lock in term

Time required: 20 minutes

Pain level: None

Downtime: None

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