Zerobody Dry Flotation


Time: 30 Mins Pain level: None Downtime: No Downtime

Zerobody is a unique and innovative system that suspends you above 400 litres of warm water by means of a soft patented membrane. With a self-service touchpad, you can adjust the temperature, session time and modify the effects. Dry flotation therapy is convenient and easy to use, with no need to get undressed or get wet. Thanks to the optional coloured lights and a delicate lumbar massage, Zerobody guarantees a true experience of regeneration for body and mind.

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About the treatment

Zerobody Dry Flotation therapy allows you to experience the mental and physical benefits of floating - without getting wet.

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What are the benefits of dry float therapy?

Dry floatation offers a number of benefits including reducing stress & anxiety, improving sleep quality, accelerating muscle recovery and relieving muscle & joint pain

How is this treatment different to a float tank?

Our dry float bed harnesses the full power of floating without getting wet - the system has a very thin membrane that cradles the body, creating a warm, comfortable and completely weightless sensation.

How long is the treatment?

It's only 30 minutes and is the perfect treatment during your lunch break or after work!

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