Why is the Contact With Water Beneficial?

Original post by Zerobody.   Those who deal in people’s wellbeing know only too well that water must be there. Be it in a spa, Corporate Wellness or for athletic performance, the benefits of hydrotherapy are numerous. Have you ever wondered why? Doctor Wallace J. Nichols explains this very well in his essay called “Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, Or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, And Better At What You Do”. In short, water brings out the best in us and favours the production of the hormones of happiness; scientific research has confirmed it Let’s discover together the benefits of hydrotherapy and how to make them part of the offer of your facility thanks to Zerobody.  

The colour of water is soothing

A 2003 statistical survey asked over 200 people which was their favourite colour. It’s blue! We live in a planet that features all the many shades of blue of the sky and waters and, according to Nichols, this would explain the reaction of happiness that our brain experiences when we see this colour. Over the years, chromotherapy has associated the colour blue with the reduction of stress, anxiety and insomnia, and even the improvement of inflammatory states. As far as colours go, Zerobody has taken a step further! Thanks to the choice between eight available colours, the floatation session responds to specific health goals.
  • Do you want to sleep better? Choose the colours of sunset, between red and yellow.
  • Do you want to focus before a meeting? Light blue, the colour of the awakening, comes to your aid!
  • Do you want to relax and enjoy the blue of the water? The world’s favourite colour becomes your well-being ally!

Water makes us feel “in the right place”

We spend the first 9 months of our life completely surrounded by water. Our body is 75% water. Three quarters of out brain is water. We all know these notions very well and, according to Nichols, they explain a lot about the benefits of hydrotherapy. “The evolution of our species brought humans outside of water, where they evolved going from swimming to slithering, and then to walking.” The relation between humans and water is indeed inborn and profound. That’s why “when we find ourselves near or in contact with water, we feel that we are in the right place”. If you run a hotel, a company or a sport facility – think of a solution that can bring water to you. With Zerobody, hydrotherapy becomes accessible, available and practical in its easy and versatile method of use to reach the wellness and health goal of guests, coworkers or athletes.  

Water regenerates the mind

A 1995 scientific study has shown how the vicinity to water can influence performance and focus, resulting in better achievements and greater functional focus. Beside this study, many following others confirmed the same outcome. It’s not haphazard that Zerobody is the ideal solution for Corporate Wellness. Focusing before a meeting, recharging our mind and reducing stress of a very intense day are but a few of the health goals that thanks to Zerobody are just within a few minutes’ reach.  

Water eases pain

Hydrotherapy and floatation are precious allies for physical therapy treatments and muscle relaxation. By stimulating endorphins, water eases both the body pain and tension, while it favors muscle recovery and tissue regeneration by improving blood circulation. That’s why Zerobody is so popular in sports.    

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